Planning A Wedding Reception

When I was planning my wedding reception in 2001 (we got married in 2002) things were a little different than they are now.

I didn't have access to the Internet at home and had to use the computer at the local library to do my wedding research, so I depended on the experiences that friends and family had with locations and vendors.

And no . . . this is not a photo from my reception. But I think that it's beautiful and might give you or someone else visiting this website some inspiration on what you can do for your special day.

I will often share pictures that I have found (and gotten permission to post) to give you ideas and spark your imagination. I loved my wedding because it's the day that I started a new life with my wonderful husband.

There are actually quite a few things though that I wish that I had done differently. My access to the Internet back then was limited so I really settled on a lot of things when I shouldn't have.

So instead of wishing that I had done this or that, I'll use my energy to share what I have learned with you so that you can look back on your wedding day with no regrets.

So . . . why have I decided to focus primarily (but not only) on wedding receptions?

Good question!

Even though the ceremony is definitely the reason for the occasion the reception will:

  • take the most time to plan
  • consume more of your budget than the ceremony
  • be the biggest party you will ever throw
  • be what your guests will remember and talk about the most

Now where should you start?

First take a look at a timeline of things that you'll need to do between now and then. This will help guide you in your reception planning process. Then take your time going through the links to the left so that you can get all of the little details in place. And of course . . .