Addressing Wedding Invitations

Addressing wedding invitations can sometimes seem tricky. If you are looking for wedding invitation etiquette or help assembling your invitation then you can go here. Otherwise the following tips will help you to properly address your wedding invitation envelopes.

You should address the envelopes with either calligraphy or really neat handwriting. I know that that it is so much simpler to just type all of the names out in an Excel spreadsheet and then do a mail merge so that you can use peel and stick labels but . . . this should not be done.

First impressions are everything. The invitations set the stage for what your guests will be expecting for your wedding and reception. It doesn't have to cost you a lot of money to do your envelopes.

I had a friend that took calligraphy classes at a community college so that she could do all of the calligraphy herself. But if you decide to do this then you should give yourself plenty of time to address all of the envelopes. You could also do a monogram wax seal on the back (I really like those).

Outer Envelope

The outer envelope is used to get the wedding invitation to its proper destination. The return address should be printed on the flap of the outer envelope. Formal names should be used on the envelope such as

  • Mr. and Mrs. William Donaldson
  • Doctor and Mrs. Robert Alberts
  • Colonel and Mrs. Stephen James

The envelope should be addressed to the heads of the household; children should be mentioned on the inner envelope.

Inner Envelope

  • The purpose of the inner envelope is to let guests know exactly who is invited

  • The full first names (not nick-names) of all of your invited guests should be listed

  • The parents should be listed first and then any children in age order

  • Children that are 18 years old and older should receive their own invitation

You can use a wedding invitation catalog to get ideas for the wedding invitations that you would like to use for your wedding. You should visit here for Weddings & Invitations Catalogs.

Finished addressing wedding invitations?