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I was curious as to what the etiquette of an adult reception is. I personally feel that if the invitation says adult reception, then NO KIDS should be allowed to go. I am asking this question because in the last 2 months, there have been 2 weddings that I have attended that were adult only receptions, yet the children of the immediate family members were allowed to go. For instance, in the first wedding, there were nieces and nephews of the groom and in the second wedding, there were cousins of the bride and groom and even the god-daughter of the parents of the bride. I feel that that is unfair. If you are going to allow some, then you should allow all of them. What do you think?

Ultimately the bride and groom should have their way because it's their day. The invitation indicating adult reception is informing the guests of the bride and groom's request that you not bring any children to the reception.

So what's fair? Is it fair for the ring bearer and flower girl who are a part of the wedding party be allowed to attend the adult reception? Or that the bride and groom allow their own young children to attend?

A guest could argue that it's not fair that the bride doesn't want anyone but herself and the flowergirl to wear white dresses.

What's fair is that the bride and groom have their day go the way they want without being made to feel bad about their choices.

As far as etiquette goes, technically the words "adult reception" should not even be used on the invitations because . . . only those mentioned on the invitation are invited.

Ideally if the bride and groom only intended for certain children to attend the reception they should simply be able to include those children's names on the invitation that is sent to their parents.

So technically the bride and groom can invite or omit any guest they want from an invitation. What would not be "fair" is to RSVP for or bring a child or even a date to the wedding reception that has not been specifically invited by the couple.

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