Choosing Centerpieces for a Wedding Reception

The centerpieces for a wedding reception are the focal point of each guest table. They help to decorate the reception venue so you'll want them to be as beautiful as possible.

The following are some ideas of what you can use as centerpieces for a wedding reception.

Flower arrangements

  • Tall floral arrangements are great for big rooms and help to fill the room up. You could consider using a tall candelabra with a floral arrangement in the center.
  • Arrangements in vases can be simple but elegant. White calla lilies in a square glass vase are very beautiful.
  • Short full flower arrangements can fill up the table but don't fill up the room, which is great for small venues.

The centerpieces for a wedding reception could even become the wedding favor.

A great idea would be to have an arrangement of personalized roses on each guest table and have each guest take one home at the end of the night.

Or you could even sprinkle personalized rose petals on each table.

The first time that I saw embossed roses I thought that they were the most unique items that I had ever seen personalized.

I mean how often do you see flowers that can be personalized with your name, the wedding date, or even an image.

Balloon arrangements

  • Balloons create a look and feel that is truly magical.
  • They can be used in a wide variety of formal and informal settings.
  • You can make your own balloon decor relatively inexpensively.

The Balloon Decoration Guide offers detailed step-by-step instructions and photos on how to create your own balloon decorations and integrate them into your wedding reception decor.

Candle centerpieces

  • A rented candelabrum with no flowers is elegant and can be less expensive than floral arrangements.
  • A large pillar candle in a hurricane vase is simple and adds beautiful lighting.
  • Candles of various sizes are an easy arrangement and are very pretty.

Water arrangements

  • A glass bowl with tropical fish is unique and goes great with a tropical theme.
  • You can put decorative floating candles in a glass container as a simple centerpiece.
  • A small fountain is different and adds a soothing sound.


  • You can put several pillar, votive, and tea light candles on each table and sprinkle rose petals around them.
  • Place sand on each table with assorted seashells and a starfish or two for a beach themed event.
  • Get together a collection of flowers and fruit and possibly a decorative container that matches your color scheme.

When deciding on your wedding reception centerpieces you'll want to make sure that your guests can see each other across the table.

Use the ideas above to create your own unique centerpieces. You can find vases, silk flowers, and several other wedding reception supplies on our supplies page.

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