Chair Caps: Newest Trend in Chair Decor

by Rhonda Allen
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Recently, I attended a linen specialty event with one of my brides. One of the items that she feel in love with was what is a new trend in chair decor: chair caps.

What are chair cover caps? Rather than covering the whole chair, chair caps cover only about the first four or five inches of the chair back. Like full coverage chair covers, they come in all types of fabrics and colors but are only a fraction of the cost of regular chair covers. So, whether you are looking for just a little coverage that comes with organza, or desire a more elegant and romantic look that you achieve with damask print, chair caps are a great solution. The rental price we were quoted was around $2.00 a chair. Full chair covers are more like $5.00 and up, excluding delivery and setup.

This is a great idea if you need to add just a little something extra for your wedding reception but need to be mindful of cost. And, if you eliminate the setup, provided you have help, you can save between $1.50 - $2.00 a chair. But I only recommending skipping any chair cover/cap setup if you have a few people whom you would like to make a part of your wedding but they are not actually wedding party attendants. Mainly, because it can be a tedious task.

Chair caps should be available at any of your local linen rental companies. If not, there are plenty of reputable companies online. Just be sure and do a little research before placing your order.

Happy planning.


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