Finding Cheap Wedding Invitations

I had a hard time finding cheap wedding invitations for my wedding years ago. I only looked at the invitations that were featured in the wedding catalogs that were delivered to my home.

I believe that we used Invitations by Dawn for our wedding invitations. They had a really nice variety that fit into our $20,000+ wedding budget.

But if you want the bare minimum and need a fairly cheap invitation option then you may want to think about these possibilities.

I was involved in planning a 55th wedding anniversary celebration that was working with a budget of less than $3,000. So I had to cut as many corners as possible.

I decided to print out the invitations and RSVP cards from my computer and printer.

You can find invitation kits at office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot.

One manufacturer of stationary that I found was Gartners. They have complete kits for invitations, RSVP cards, place cards, and more.

Going to an office supply store will save you even more money by eliminating the cost of shipping and handling related to shopping online.

Another idea for cheap wedding invitations would be to create them from scratch.

By this, I mean that you could buy some beautiful specialty paper from a craft store and handwrite each invitation with calligraphy.

You could take a calligraphy class (you might find one at your local community college) and buy some calligraphy pens from an art supply store.

This is possibly the cheapest option you can find for getting your wedding invitations done.

You only have to but paper and pens, eliminating the need to buy ink for a printer.

Keep in mind that you will need to give yourself plenty of time to do the calligraphy since I'm sure that you'll have several other wedding planning activities on your plate.

If you have some creative and artistic friends, you could ask them to do this for you.

I had a friend from church and my father address all of our invitation envelopes in calligraphy for our wedding.

Invitation Accessories

If you are printing or handwriting your own invitations you may want to add an accessory or two to the invitation for a little embellishment.

Some ideas include:

  • Punching wholes into the side of the invitation and threading ribbon through so that you can tie a bow

  • Applying a flat-sided craft jewel/gem to the top of the invitation

  • Using a peel and stick seal to close the outer envelope

  • Using a wax stamp and seal for the outer envelope

These ideas for cheap wedding invitations can save you money while still looking beautiful.

You should keep in mind that doing your wedding invitations yourself would take up more of your time.

If you have really tight time constraints or have a tendency to become really stressed out, then you might want to consider ordering your invitations instead of trying to do them yourself.

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