Cheaper at Christmas

by Debbie
(Baxley Ga)

A great time to marry and have a beautiful wedding is during Christmas holidays. I got married the week before Christmas and my church was already gorgously decorated.

Members of the church buy poinsetteas and we left them in place. We replaced red candles in each arrangement with a large white candle(in about 30 seconds), added 2 candleabras, added tulle bows to front pews, placed tulle and bows on the railing up the front steps, and it was beautiful.

We spent $53.00 on all of this and no one could believe it. In a previous church service, the altar table was covered with small candles in glass containers and we used them also.

Our church decorates the whole church so wreaths were on doors outside and decorates were all over the other areas of the church. This was a second wedding but it would have been great for a 1st wedding also.

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