Cupcake Wedding Cake:
An Alternative Dessert

Are you thinking about having a cupcake wedding cake as the dessert for your wedding reception instead of the traditional wedding cake?

If so, there are some different choices for making cupcakes your featured confection.

It is nice to have a traditional wedding cake as well as cupcakes to give out to your guests.

Or you can decide to only serve cupcakes to your guests if you are on a tight budget. You can have a cupcake tree that is full of just cupcakes.

You can have a lovely cupcake tree with a top wedding cake tier that you can choose to save for your first wedding anniversary.

You could have a really ornate cupcake stand filled with cupcakes.

Or just have your cupcakes on a stand with a beautiful flower arrangement on top.

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Cupcakes designed by "Cake Confections"
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Here is an assortment of beautifully decorated cupcakes. They are decorated with traditional icing and edible butterflies and sugar roses. You could have cupcakes like these laid out on a beautifully decorated table.

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Cupcakes designed by "Cakes by Laura"

Instead of paying a professional to make cupcakes for your wedding, you could make them yourself.

If you find a really good recipe then that's great. But if you are looking to save some time and possibly frustration then you can use boxed cake mix.

Whether you decide on vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or carrot cake mix, make sure that you bake a batch ahead of time to find the mix that you like the best.

You also need to decide if you are just going to place the cupcakes on a serving table or if you will use a stand. If using a stand will you

  • display only cupcakes on the stand

  • make a cake to put on the top tier for the bride and grrom to cut

  • put some sort of floral arrangement at the top.

Next you can choose to decorate the stand itself. You can put flowers in between tiers or even wrap the sides of each tier in coordinating ribbon.

Lastly, how will you decorate the individual cupcakes? You can use a colored, patterned or silver sparkly wrapper.

Instead of using a butter knife to spread canned frosting onto the cupcakes you could use spray can icing which comes with a fancy tip and looks nicer on cupcakes.

Then you can finish off the cupcakes with some sort of edible decoration like a fondant flower or sugar crystals.

Just like with traditional wedding cakes, you can choose a variety of icings, decorations, colors, and flavors for your cupcake wedding cake.


Finding Cupcake Wedding Cake Bakeries

If you would like wedding quality cupcakes for your reception then you need to specify that in your search.

Make sure that you put wedding cupcakes in quotes and do a search like

bakery "wedding cupcakes" dallas. Or you can do bakery "wedding cupcakes" "call 972"  which helps narrow down your search to bakeries who will most likely answer your phone call.

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