Divorced parents dance

by Sheri

When it comes to the parents having to dance together, who should they dance with if one is re-married, and one is not?

You do not need to have the parents of the bride or groom dance together. You could have the traditional first dance for the bride and groom, then you could have the bride dance with her father and then the groom's dance with his mother.

If you really want the parents to dance, then it should be the birth parents (or parents that raised the bride or groom) dancing together. The wedding and reception are centered on the bride and groom not the people who have married their parents.

It would not seem appropriate to have the husband of the bride's mother doing the father/daughter dance unless he had a hand in raising her. In the same way it would not be right to have a parent and their new spouse participating in a dance for the parents if one is not actually a parent.

If the bride or groom's parents cannot get along long enough for the dance then you can just omit that dance from your wedding reception.

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