Edible Wedding Favors

It's not unusual for edible wedding favors to be handed out to guests at a wedding reception as a thank you and reminder of the special day. The most common of these favors are to have

  • Jordan almonds, Hershey's kisses, or another kind of small candy

  • miniature or full-sized candy bars with a custom wrapper

  • personalized M & M's with the names of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date

All of the choices that I mentioned above are great edible wedding favors but you may want to try something new or unique if your budget allows.

The following are a few examples of favors that I thought were a little different than the norm.

Hanson Ellis has a salt and pepper shaker jar where the wholes in the top are in the shape of a heart.

The shaker doesn't only have to be used for salt or pepper, it can also be a cinnamon or other spice shaker.

You can have the jar personalized with your names and wedding date and fill them with your favorite candy.

I love wedding favors that are practical and can be used by your guests because then they will take them home and have something that they will always remember your wedding by. 

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Here is an individual cake wrapped in a clear box, which is perfect to give each of your guests as a favor.

Attaching a simple saying or poem adds a special touch and is easy enough to do.

You can see some other examples of miniature confections on our mini wedding cake page.

Statistics show that having one glass of wine a day can be good for your health. Not only that, but also many people love to drink wine daily or even occasionally.

So you may want to think about having a bottle of wine with a custom label to give to each guest as a thank you. If you aren't an alcohol drinker then you may want to opt for sparkling cider instead.

Not all wedding favors have to be placed at table settings during your wedding reception.

If you are having a destination wedding or are having many out of town guests
you could add favors to your welcome bags.

A great favor to give your guests are personalized packets of coffee, tea, cappuccino or hot cocoa so that they can enjoy a hot drink in the morning.

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Do It Yourself

If you are low on cash you can create your own edible wedding favors by baking cookies yourself, use icing to add a monogram and wrap in beautiful coordinating cellophane with a simple ribbon.

Just remember that you want to give your guests favors that won't be thrown out and that will be a reminder of your special day.

The worst thing to happen is to see several of the favors that you worked hard putting together or spent good money ordering still laying on your reception tables long after your guests have gone.

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