Escort Cards For Your Wedding Reception

So what are escort cards?

They are cards that are used to inform your guests of their assigned table where place cards are to let your guests know of their assigned seat at that table.

The wording that you would use on each card is the guests' name and then table number 1 (or the table to which they have been assigned). The way that you would address the cards would be

  • Adam Scott - the full name of your single guest

  • Dr & Mrs. Oliver Williams - for a married couple

  • Amanda Jameson & Guest - if an invitee has brought with them a guest whose name you do not know

The most common way that escort cards are displayed is as tent cards on a table outside of the banquet room in which the wedding reception will be held.

You could also use place card holders or frames to display the cards on a table.

You will want to display the names in alphabetical order by last name, so that the cards are easy for your guests to find.

Since these are not cards for each place setting and just to let the guests know their assigned table then you could put a couple on one card.

Of course my favorite place for getting things printed is Vistaprint.

On their website at the top of the page there are several drop down menus. To find their place card section (which are really escorts)

Go to

  • Invitations & Stationery
  • Then to Invitations & Announcements
  • Click on Wedding

While scrolling down the page, look to the right side of the page and find the "More Products" section which will have a link for place cards.

One possible idea for displaying your escort stationery is to place a decorative tree outside of your reception room and hang the cards from the branches as if they were leaves. Here is one place where you can find Wedding Supplies and Favors like a tree suitable for use indoors.

You could also use candles in frosted votive candle holders and attach clear labels on which to print the names and table assignments. Your guests would then take the lighted candles to the table adding to the table decor.

If your reception venue has a fountain or small reflecting pool of some sort you could place flowers and floating candles in the water. Then you could float the cards
on saucers and have your guests retrieve their cards from the water.

You could also create a beautiful table "garden" and have each card perched in a beautiful potted plant that will also serve as a favor for guests to take home.

These ideas can be used or built upon to come up with a new idea. Just remember that the key to making your cards unique is to make the display as creative as possible.

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