Forget the florist and save big!!!

by Carrera Nicole
(Riverside, Ca. USA)

Garden themed

Garden themed

Florists cost so much money. Depending on what type of flowers you want for the arrangements and if they are in season or not might also make the price per piece sky rocket! Not to mention the simple fact overlooked that in essence, multiple flowers are being cut and will eventually (in about 3-5 days) die.

Save money, a headache, and a few flowers! Display potted flowers and/or plants with either a certain theme (like miniature roses or native plants from that area) or get eclectic and mix and match different kinds of flowers. Go into your nearest Home Depot or gardening nursery and you will find potted flowers for around 5 dollars a pot. Buy separate/themed pots for the plants or save even more money and just spray paint the plastic pots they came in and wrap some colored tulle or ribbon around the base!

When the reception is nearing it's end, offer the lovely potted flowers for guests to take home and enjoy and maybe even plant!

And most importantly...enjoy your day no matter what ups and downs take place! You only get one wedding day after all! ;)

Carrera Nicole

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