Gina and Theo June 22nd

by Gina

How It All Started

Theo and I met while going to school at Morgan State University (after we got married we named our daughter Morgan). We had a completely platonic relationship.

During that time I transfered to a school in Philadelphia and Theo graduated from Morgan State and started graduate school in Illinois. We stayed in touch with each other through phone calls and the occasional visit.

The Turning Point

So five years after we first met, my graduation day arrives and several of my family and friends come out to support me at my graduation.

Theo came from out of town to attend my graduation in the middle of the week. Then he came back that weekend for my graduation party. He even helped to clean up after the party and drove me home.

I had known for a long time that he was interested in me but I never gave it much thought . . . until now.

And Then It Happened

We began seeing each other every weekend and soon started dating. Even though we lived about 2 hours apart our long distance relationship was very doable. We could focus on work during the week and see one another on the weekends. We talked on the phone everyday, he became my best friend.

Our one-year dating anniversary came around so Theo came to Philly to take me out. I get a call to come outside and in front of my house is a limo. The driver opens the door and there is Theo inside the limo with a bouquet of roses. We go to the park and Theo sets up a picnic. He made homemade lemonade and has fruit and cheese.

So we sit and have our picnic and when we're done I get up to fold the blanket but . . . he grabs my hand. He starts talking about waiting his whole life for someone like me: blah, blah, blah (I say "blah, blah, blah" because I was so shocked that I wasn't hearing the rest of what he said). Eventually he said, "So will you?" I missed it. He asked me to marry him and I was so in the clouds that I didn't hear him propose eventually I said yes.

Gina Anthony

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by: Theo

This story is truely unforgettable. I wish everyone as much happiness as we share.

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