Guest List Problem

by Joan
(phila., pa.)

We are the groom's parents and are contribting more to the wedding than the bride's side. Our list is much smaller than the bride's parents, however the bride's side has alot of 1st cousins so no one under 21 can come. We have 1 cousin under 21 and they are saying he can't be invited.

What does they're list dilema have to do with ours? Do they have a right to tell us who to invite especially when we have less people coming and are contributing more financially??

The only people who have a "right" to control who is invited to the wedding is the bride and groom.

Unless the ceremony or reception venue are limiting access only to guests over 21 then having one cousin under that age should not be a problem.

Some couples opt to have an adult only reception but allow a few children that are near and dear to them to attend. As long as the bride and groom are fine with it then that cousin should be allowed to attend.

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