head table seating

by Lisa


I am having head table seating problems. I am Jewish but not having a traditional Jewish wedding. This is the second marriage for both of us. The people I am having at the head table are:

Me-The Bride

My New Husband-The Groom

The Officiant-who is also an old friend of New Husband

My Mom & Dad

Husband's brother-the Best man and his wife(not in the wedding party though)

My Sister-The sort of Maid of Honor

My Son-Who will escort me down the isle

My 4 1/2 year old Granddaughter- The flower Girl

My son's wife (daugther in-law) and my 10 month old Granddaugther.

Help! How do I seat them? Oh, and to complicate matters, I am Left Handed, my New Husband is Right handed so sitting to the Right of my new Husband would make it impossible for us to comfortably eat our dinner.


Lisa in FL

Instead of having one head table you might want to consider having a sweetheart table (a small table) for just the bride and groom and then a family table for everyone else that you mentioned above.

You have an uneven mix adults by gender, which might make a long table formation look a little odd.

You also have quite a few young children and they may behave just fine. But just in case they get tired or irritable, having them at a table that is not the focus of attention might be best.

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