Hor d'ouerves

by Susana

I have a small dilemma. I am having my wedding reception start at approximately 7pm. My in-laws think I don't need to serve hor d'ouerves, but I feel like I have to.

They are saying since the reception starts late we can go straight to offer the dinner and cocktails. Every wedding I been to has offered hor d'ouerves, so I am stressing!!! Please help!!

Should I still have them or can I skip them because of the time? Thanks.

Well it all depends. If your guests will be served dinner shortly after arriving to the reception then you can probably forego the cocktail / hor d'ouerve hour.

But if you will be taking pictures or doing anything else that will cause your guest to wait for a while before being served their meals, then you will probably want to have some sort of appetizer available so that they will not be starving by the time dinner is served.

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