How Did I Do That?!

by Sandra
(Holly Springs, MS)

We will have our wedding in September 2011. Some of the ways we have saved money is in lieu of gifts, we ask for services.

There are a lot of family members and friends who will be funding this event all the way from the stationary down to the reception venue. There are too many details to list.

My groom may purchase his tux, but a friend of ours has volunteered to make my dress. My groom and I will have been together fifteen years before we marry in September and everyone is almost more excited than we are. No one, so far, has decline a request we have asked of them.

I wished I would be allowed to list all of the things that are going to be furnished by others. My total cost will probably be $0.

For some of the ladies, instead of having a bridal shower for them to give gifts, I booked a spa consultant to come out and perform spa treatments for them and me. This is a free service, but the consultant would like for purchases to be made because that is how she is paid. Even the eye doctor has a sample of contacts for me to try. I tell you, this is amazing!

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