How Kim and Tom Met

by Tom Ackerland
(Moorhead, MN)

A while back ago I was a over the road truck driver. Any way I was minding my own buisness driveing down the road on my birthday when the phone rang it was my best friend corey boushee which is now the best man because of that phone call that had changed the rest of my life forever.

When I answered the phone the first words I heard was I found you a woman. what do you say to that when you controling eighty thousand pounds of goods on your back end? Well I said alrighty then and said who is it Cory said it is Ronnies niece Kim, should I have her call you I think she has your number I said ok.

Not more than five mininutes went by the phone rang it was kim she said hi is this tom and I said yes it is and she said hows it going Cory gave Ronnie your phone number for me to call you I said cool I said cool I think or something to that extent. Kim felt sorry for me because it was my Birthday and I had to work, I think I was going to little rock arkansas that day. We made plans right away to get together and do something.

I finally came back home a few days later I called kim we decided to go and look at christmas lights the only catch was she had to pick me up instead of me picking kim up because my pickup was in the shop. Kim picked me up in this little sleigh looking bright red station wagon and it made a neat backing up sound when you turned it to the left. we had a fine time the we went to see national treasure. After the movie Kim brought me home and drove off and well here we are today.

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