Make Your Favors - 2 ideas!!!!!

by Laura
(Fredericksburg, VA)

Idea 1--- cookie!!!!!!

I love to bake and I have mastered the Sugar Cookie... to the point where everyone raves about them! So instead of buying favors, I am making cookies as favors!

I am using a regular recipe (you could even use the store bought frozen ones!) and making enough round cookies for everyone to have 2(I am having 50 guests). Then I am using an easy recipe for rolled buttercream (google it- it's soooooo easy to make!) and cutting the exact same size circle and placing the buttercream on top. Then with a food gel decorator (buy it in the same aisle and spot as your frosting decorators in the grocery store) and puting our initial on it.

That's it. Cookies, homemade, in a bag with a ribbon to match our wedding colors.

Idea 2 --- apples on a stick!
My cousin did this as her wedding was in the fall. She bought enough Granny smith apples for everyone to have one. She took the stem off and placed a popsicle stick deep into it through the top. She then melted chocolate chips, dunked the apple part way into it, sprinkled some color co-ordinating sprinkles on it, and set it on wax paper to dry. She wrapped it in cellophane and a ribbon and on the bottom she put those little round stickers you get from Staples and wrote "Thank you for coming! XXX and ZZZ 10/13"

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