Making a Wedding Cake Yourself

If you are thinking of making a wedding cake yourself then it really can be easy. 

Now I'm not talking about a professionally done cake but just something that you can offer your guests that you've made all by yourself. When I try to do things myself I find the easiest possible way to do it.

Start With the Basics

First you should pick the flavor of the cake mix the you are going to use. The most common and easy to find are

  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • lemon
  • carrot cake
  • red velvet

You could try to bake a cake from scratch but you should try making a wedding cake in advance so that you get the recipe correct and it tastes good enough to serve to your guests.

Next you need to decide on how you will ice and decorate your cake. You could use canned frosting but that tends to really make it taste common.

There are several simple recipes on the Internet for butter cream frosting which requires basically butter and confectioners sugar.

You could try to cover your cake with fondant but it really takes a lot of time and practice to get a fondant covered cake looking smooth.

If you want to add food coloring to your icing aim for light colors since dark colors can sometimes seem harsh for a wedding cake.

Dress Up a Plain Cake

So once you figured out your cake flavor and icing choice you need to figure out how to present and decorate your cake.

Even though you are probably wanting to stack your cakes on top of each other in tiers it can be problematic.

Most store bought cake mixes are too soft for stacking and would probably fall apart or get smashed if you tried to stack them.

So one way to make a tiered looking cake is to make two fake bottom tiers out of styrofoam.

Just frost and decorate the styrofoam tiers the same way as you do your real cake tier. Then make extra cakes to cut up and serve to your guests.

Or you could use pedestals of differing heights to place you cakes on so that stacking is not an issue.

You then need to decide what types of decorations you would like to use. You could use

  • pre-made gumpaste flowers
  • edible pearls or beads
  • crystal sugar
  • edible gllitter

Resources for Making a Wedding Cake

This is the simplest way to make a no hassle (but beautiful) wedding cake of your own.

Visit to find recipes, tips and techniques on how to make the perfect cake for any occasion.

You can also get exact directions on how to make your own cake from baking instructions to executing a professionally looking decorated cake here.

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