Menu and Place Cards: Small Detail, Big Impact!

by Rhonda Allen
(Atlanta, Georgia)

If you have spent any amount of time planning your wedding, you have probably heard "it is in the details". That is very true. While it is lovely to be able to have the allocations for the gigantic centerpieces, heavy satin chair covers, and the like, you can create lovely affects for your wedding reception through these alternative: menu cards and place cards.

For starters, these items serve to personify your style and tastes. I find that Brides have the most fun in selecting the paper itself. With the vast array of styles, textures, etc., the choices are endless. Then, you can liven them up with embellishments such as pearls, crystals, gems, dots, monograms, whatever you like.

Next, they items serve to create a bit of elegance in the space. Who does not like to look at fancy paper? It does have to be expensive, it should only "look" that. Guests will feel as though you really went out of your way to create the cards. That is just what you want too, right?

We like menu cards also because it helps guests who may have food allergies to know what is going to be served. A little small consideration that could overt a very big headache, for you and your guest. Place cards are nice because although people may not stay at their seat, they take away that you spent time thinking about them. After all, that really is the foundation of a wedding reception, creating an atmosphere conducive toward having a good time for the guests.

As for where you find these items, you can find them, already packaged and ready to go, at Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Walmart and Target most easily. Party City is also another great place. Stay away from the art stores or those high end paper stores. Remember that these items will most like be thrown away and cost is always our number one consideration.

Happy planning!

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