Serve a Mini Wedding Cake
to your Guests

I think that serving your guests each a mini wedding cake is one of the most unique ideas ever.

While I was watching "Whose Wedding is it anyway?" I saw a couple who had a beautiful traditional wedding cake.

But as if that was not enough, they had servers hand out miniature replicas of their three-tiered wedding cake to their guests.

So there are so many options available for incorporating miniature wedding cakes into your reception.

Mini Wedding Cake Examples

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Miniature cake from Cakes by Laura"

This beautiful fondant covered individual mini cake is decorated with gum paste flowers and could serve up to 2 guests.

Cakes by Laura offers unique cake designs for every occasion.

Cakes by Laura is not the regular standard commercial bakery line that offers limited cake design.

Their forte is fondant icing and they focus mainly in European cake design.

Miniature cake by "Let Them Eat Cakes"

View one of their wedding cakes

This intricately decorated miniature cake is being served in a toasting glass.

Let them Eat Cake also makes and designs sumptuous wedding cakes to match your theme, your flowers, your dress and your budget.

Let them Eat Cake offers a complete range of shower cakes, wedding cookies, miniature wedding cakes, chocolates and truffles.

You could also have a decorative stand or tree full of miniature wedding cakes with a wedding cake tier on top. You can choose to

  • Hand out a mini wedding cake to each guest on a plate
  • Use the cakes as place settings and put them in a clear box with a bow and attach an escort card for each guest
  • Make favors with each cake beautifully wrapped to take home.

I am sure that you could probably come up with some other unique ways to use these miniature cakes for your wedding reception. 

Finding a Miniature Cake Designer

Trying to locate a cake designer or bakery that makes small replica cakes is not as easy as finding one that makes cupcakes.

But there are a few tricks that you can use to find them easier.

When you do a search type "individual wedding cakes" YourCity

So it would be "individual wedding cakes" Seattle if you live in Seattle.

Or you could try bakery "individual cakes" wedding Seattle to make sure that your search mostly delivers bakeries.

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