Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Monogram wedding cake toppers are nice decorative elements that you can add to your cake. 

Even though cake toppers may seem insignificant as far as wedding receptions are concerned, I rarely ever see a cake without something on top.

Monogram Options

You can pick the type of font for your monogram wedding cake toppers as well as the material that it is made from.

Your monogram could just be the initial of your last name, both of your first names, or do three initials.

Usually with a three initial monogram you would put the initial for the last name in the middle and the bride and grooms first initial on either side with the middle initial being the largest.

  • You could get a metal topper that looks either gold or silver.

  • These toppers even come in a mirrored metal that looks like a mirror but doesn't break like one.

  • Your monogram could also be etched into a clear acrylic material that looks like glass but won't break.

  • If you like shiny accessories then you might want to add crystal to a metal topper to put some dazzle into your cake design.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers Or . . .

If you would like to have a cake topper but aren't sure if a monogrammed one is what you want to adorn the top of your cake, then you may want to look into other options and there are several.

Statue. The kind of topper that has been around for years is a statue of a bride and groom.

But now they come in a variety of different ways. Some are even funny with a bride chasing a groom or with a ball and chain linking the couple together.

Themed. You could get a starfish topper if you are having a beach theme wedding. Or how about a castle or carriage for a fairy tale theme.

Special. There are cake toppers that glow and ones that have the picture of the bride and groom on them.

Flowers. Another great option is to use the same kind of flowers that you are using for the decor to top your cake. You could even have your cake designer make edible flowers that match the flowers that you are using on your day.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

If you like the idea of letters on the top of your cake  then you could have the words "Just Married" sparkling on top of your cake.

Or if the two of you are very feisty then a couple making out might be what you would like to have.

Just remember that your topper should reflect your style and personality.

Whether you like monogram wedding cake toppers or want to go with another option, you might want to think about getting a case for your monogram topper or a dome designed to preserve statue and other cake toppers. 

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