My sister and her boyfriend

Who do I seat at the head table? My parents, my husbands parents and my sister and her boyfriend? Is it basically for family?

I love my sister but her boyfriend was in a couple of pretty bad accidents and had his back broken. He has to take very strong medicine quite regularly. This leaves him sounding (and sometimes acting) a bit, how shall I say . . . drunk and/or stoned and at times inappropriate.
He came from a well-to-do family, however, I'm a little afraid to put him at a head table.

Thank you,
Stephanie Harden

Usually the head table is reserved for the bridal party and possibly the parents of the bride and groom.

Dates and spouses of people in the bridal party are not normally seated at the head table, they just sit at a regular guest tables. So, if your sister's boyfriend is not in the bridal party there is no need to seat him at the head table.

You could also just choose to have a sweetheart table (a small table for just the bride and groom) and put everyone else at regular guest tables with their significant others.

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