A Result of Our Wedding
Planning Experiences

This website is a result of our wedding, reception, and everything that we experienced during the planning of our special day.

Planning your own wedding and reception is probably one of the most draining and stressful things you may ever have to deal with.

And these days most brides and grooms also have the added burden of paying their own expenses.

Hi . . . I'm Gina and I am the creator of A Wedding Reception to Remember.

In 2002 (actually from 2001 to 2002) I was blessed to have the opportunity to plan my own wedding and reception.

I had previously organized, planned and coordinated a wedding for one of my friends years before.

But dealing with the details of my own wedding day was just so much more nerve wrecking (probably because it meant so much more to me).

Because of our wedding planning experiences, I wanted to share what I learned (while coordinating this and other events), with engaged couples that are also in the process of planning their special day.

Our Wedding Story

My husband and I got engaged exactly a year after the day we first started dating and were married exactly a year after we became engaged (that makes it easy to remember all of our different anniversaries).

Not only were we planning a wedding but I also had to prepare to move to the state where my soon-to-be husband lived (we had been dating long distance).

So we spent a very hectic year planning the wedding, looking for a place to live, and trying to find a new job for me.

Not only were we coordinating all of these changes in our lives but we also had to pay for 95% of the ceremony and wedding reception (our reception for 250 people consumed half of our budget).

Even with all of the stress we had planning our wedding, I believe that everything went very well.

As I look back there are probably some improvements that I would make now that I have more insight into event planning.

But it was the most beautiful and unforgettable day of my life.

Why This Website?

After three years of marriage we got pregnant and had a little girl. My husband and I decided that I would become a stay at home mom, which was fine with me.

But after a couple of months of sitting home with the baby, I got restless and wanted (needed) something to keep me busy while the baby was sleeping.

While watching the video of my wedding and reception (which I still watch, but not as often) I thought about maybe pursuing a career as an event planner instead of just coordinating the occasional event here and there.

But then I came across something that could give me the same satisfaction without having to leave the house.

Working from Home

I came across the idea of working from home. I was used to working and getting paid every two weeks so starting a home business seemed uncertain.

But the unlimited earning potential and time flexibility really appealed to me. So I started searching for business opportunities and found out that I could share my experience and knowledge by creating a website.

There was only one problem . . . I had no experience building websites. Well, while surfing the Internet I found a solution, that gave me all of the tools and knowledge to build a successful website.

When I was planning our wedding I only had access to the Internet at the local library so my time trying to find things for the wedding and reception was limited.

I created this website to be easy to navigate for people like myself who need to be able to search for things quickly.

I also wanted to provide pictures and examples of ways you can decorate your event, to make it easier for brides and grooms to come up with their own ideas.

Not only has building this website allowed me to help engaged couples planning their own wedding but the work that I put into this website (as well as my family cruise website) has enabled me to bring in a steady source of income while staying home with my children. 

If you are curious about becoming a web developer then contact me using my contact form.

I really hope that this website is helpful and gives you some ideas that will allow you to have a wedding reception to remember.

Enough about our wedding, what's your story?