Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

Take a look at some outdoor wedding reception ideas. You might be thinking that you need a really beautiful ballroom in order to have a fantastic reception. But having a reception outdoors can be something that really sets your event apart from everyone else's.

Outdoor wedding reception ideas

  • The most convenient place to have an outdoor wedding reception is on the grounds of the ceremony site. If there is a large amount of level ground then you can put up a tent in which to have your reception. You could also use a terrace if one is available.

  • If you or someone that you know has a large back (or front) yard then you might utilize that as an option.

  • Some beautifully landscaped public parks may allow you to use their grounds for a reception. They may even have a pavilion to provide cover in case of bad weather. You should contact your local parks and recreation department to find out more information.

  • Utilizing a favorite beach could be a possibility, but you should be aware that the water could make it a noisy affair.

  • I think that placing your tables around a pool (yours or a rented pool) with floating candles is a romantic setting for a reception.

  • If you can find a place with a glass atrium (for example a horticulture center), it gives all of the amenities of an indoor venue with the scenery of an outdoor one.

  • A yacht is also a nice idea and comes with beautiful scenery (the ocean) and comes with it's own indoor accommodations in case of rain.

Speaking of rain . . .

When you're contemplating outdoor wedding reception ideas you need to also think about all of the extra things you'll need to have for an outdoor event. There are some things that you may take for granted and not even realize that you have to provide for an outdoor venue.

  • When you are choosing an outdoor location you need to make sure that the area won't be too noisy and that you and your guests don't break any ordinances with the noise that you could create.
  • Electricity. You need to get wiring together for electricity and lighting for your venue.

  • You may also want to hang lanterns in trees or put tree lights on bushes to add more sparkle.

  • Dance floor. If you are having your reception on grass you'll want to get flooring and a dance floor put down so that your guests' shoes (especially heels) don't get stuck in the dirt.

  • You may need to provide air conditioning or heat lamps depending on the weather.

  • Having the area professionally sprayed for insects may lessen the chance of bee stings and mosquito bites.

  • You'll want to have all trees and bushes trimmed and the grass properly mowed for a professional appearance.

Even the best of all outdoor wedding reception ideas could go up in flames if you don't have a backup plan for bad weather. A tent could do very well for a quick shower or moderate rainfall. But if a severe storm threatens your wedding day, a tent may not "weather the storm". You need to have a contingency plan that also includes the use of an area with walls and a ceiling.

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