Paper Ring

by Niesy
(St, Louis)

I am reunited with my high school sweetheart. He has always carried a piece of my heart although our lives went in separate paths. I had the diamond ring, house on a hill, professional husband and a heart of confusion. Yes, my relationship with my ex-husband was all a facade. I divorced him after years of abuse, humiliation and embaressment.

Now I am back with the man that I have always trully loved. I do not want a diamond ring because we are already bonded. I would prefer a paper ring without the materialism of a diamond. Our commonalities in housing has allowed us to work together on remodels and property income.

He is the all around professional man that I need in my life. He is loving, kind, focused, family oriented and devoted to us. This man completes me. I remember the saying "if you let something go and it comes back, it's yours..if it doesn't it never was." I'm not letting go this time.

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