Picking Wedding Colors is Simple

Picking wedding colors for a wedding can become very time consuming.

There are dozens of color combinations to choose from so where do you start? You should start with your bridal party!

There are several elements that go into dressing everyone who will be participating in your wedding.

As you can see by this photo of my wedding, I choose to be very simple and dress everyone in the same color and style of dress.

Now I have mentioned before that there are several things in my wedding that if I had to do over again, I would do differently and my wedding color would be one of those things.

There's nothing wrong with the color periwinkle which we used for our wedding but it's not the color that I really wanted to use.

I really wanted to dress my bridesmaids in the color black because it's my favorite color. I thought that it would be sleek and elegant and would fit well with my evening wedding.

Well . . . I allowed myself to be influenced by someone who said that since I was having a summer wedding I should be using light colors.

So I ended up deciding on a different color and I really regret allowing someone else to influence my decision.

You should do what makes you happy even if it is not the traditional thing to do. I could have had my bridesmaids in black dresses with periwinkle sashes to add a bit of color.

So first and foremost be true to yourself and do what makes YOU happy.

Now, I went very simple and put all my girls in the same dress but these days most brides want to have at least a little more variety when dressing everyone.

Between the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids and flower girls alone you may have a variety of styles and even colors of dresses to put together.

Instead of making several endless trips to the dress shop to figure out how you will outfit your bridal party you can figure it all out from the comfort of your home.

Designing the attire and look for the members of your bridal party can be done online with the interactive Dress Your Wedding tool only at David's Bridal.

With this interactive tool you can

  • Put together combinations of colors, styles and accessories

  • Personalize each member of your bridal party

  • Get an idea of how it will look when you put the entire group together

  • Allow your consultant to look at what you have put together in your account so that she will know what you would like to try on when you get to the salon

Now once you play around with looks for your bridal party then you should find out what types of flowers will match your color scheme and also see how those colors look on other accessories and wedding invitations.

If all of these items looks nice in your colors then you should be satisfied that you have done a good job picking wedding colors.

Have fun picking wedding colors