Ideas for Place Cards

Place cards are not a necessary accessory for your wedding reception but you might want to use them if you are having a really formal affair.

The way that they differ from escort cards is that each one has the name of a guest and they are put at each place setting.

In order to use these cards you need to have the name of each guest attending your wedding reception so that a card can be made for every single person. If this is not possible then you can just use escort cards.

Traditional Card Ideas

The simplest and probably least expensive way to incorporate them into your wedding reception is to use tent cards.

You can get a pack of tent cards from an office supply store like "Staples" or "Office Max" for less then ten dollars and print them out yourself.

You can dress them up with ribbon or small appliques like craft gems to make them stand out.

Another option is to use decorative cardholders that match the theme that you have chosen for your wedding.

Unique Card Ideas

Here are a couple of current ideas that you could use for your place cards.

  • Napkin Ring Holders. You can buy napkin ring holders that have a place for each card and slip an embossed rose into the holder along with the napkin for a touch of class.

  • Photo Albums. The photo album has a place for the card on the front cover. The album would also serve as the favor for your guests. If you are having a small event with only close friends and family members, you could include past photos of the bride, groom, or both with that particular guest in their album.

  • Favor Holders. There are many different candy and favor holders that you can personalize with guests names to create place cards.

  • Photo Frame. You could use a small photo frame to display the cards at each place setting. When you send out your thank you cards you can also include a wallet sized photo of the couple that your guests can put in the frame. Better yet, you could have your photographer take a photo of the couple with each guest and send that photo with your thank you cards.

  • Miniature Cakes. You can attach the cards to individually wrapped replicas of your wedding cake.

The cards should help dress up your wedding reception tables.

You may also want to kill two birds with one stone by having the cards also double as wedding favors.

And to keep your reception elegant, you will want to use the full proper name of each guest when wording the cards not nicknames.

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