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I love decorating for weddings/receptions.....I do a lot of weddings for our church family. Several years ago I decided that it would be a real blessing if the decorations could be recycled......maybe someone at your church does the same thing and you only need to ask to have access to a virtual treasure chest of supplies at little to no cost.

I now have several dozen bows in both white and ivory basic bows that you only need to add a flower of the brides choice to make it "theirs" ..... The basic bows consist of the actual bow, tulle tails, ribbon tails , ivy and pearl accents so basically the only part of the bow expense for the couple is the actual flower for the center.

A single bush of large silk roses will run you about $14.00 at Hobby Lobby and that is generally enough to decorate the pew bows. I also have two dozen each of the red and silver bows, generally used at Christmas time.

As I do each wedding the supplies on hand grow....the brides are generous enough to add to my supplies to help out the next person that needs them. I have bows, ribbons, candle holders, Knife & Server sets, ring pillows, canopy and backdrop gauze draping. Also available are several types of silk greenery bushes,garlands and ferns. These are only a few of the supplies that are available for our brides to use at NO COST TO is a way that God has chosen to use me to bless others.

Maybe this idea can be used by someone out there to bless others.

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I have things to share
by: Nancy LaBelle

What are you thoughts about how I can share my latest event decorations that are quite beautiful? We have handmade yellow and gray paper flower topiaries on silver candlesticks (16 of them) that are amazing. We are in California. We want to sell them for a great price. We used them at a charity gala. Any thoughts about where to tell folks about them? We have done craigslist, ebay and local community listings.

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