Special Instruction Card

by Gail

We are having a very informal outdoor wedding and have several requests for our guests. Our requests are: We would like them to dress very casual. We would like each guest to bring a hat of their choice. We would like them to bring their swimming suits if they would like to swim. We would request that they don't bring wedding gifts.

Is it proper etiquette to include these instructions on a separate card insert? How should we word it on the card?

Including a separate card in with your invitation would be fine. Here is an example of what you could print on the cards:

Our wedding will take place outdoors.

For your comfort, we suggest that you wear casual attire.

The swimming pool will be available for use, so bring swimwear if you wish to partake.

Please bring a hat with you (the choice is totally up to you).

The only gift that we would like to receive is your presence at our wedding celebration.

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