Sylvia and Nick

I'm so very excited that Nick and I can finally announce that we are getting married Friday, June 10th 2011 at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel here in our hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Four years ago I moved from the greater Seattle area to Las Vegas, NV. I had never been here before and ran across his profile on Myspace of all places. He had moved here from Boca Raton, Florida so we had a new town in common.

I had never been the one to start a conversation online with someone I did not know, so was totally scared to both hear back from him ... or not.

He emailed me back and we talked back and forth for about a month before we decided to meet in person. My first thought when I saw him in person was that I had gone insane meeting some guy off the internet. He was so good-looking and his smile was even more beautiful than in his pictures. What was I doing there??!!

I could hardly believe that he was actually normal - Good looking, hard working, good father, wonderful boyfriend.

Fast forward four years- we've been together almost every day since. April this year we went on a midnight walk. It was a beautiful night. It's so quite where we live. The stars were so bright. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I can't wait!!!

We have a beautiful home together and my now 11 year old daughter and his now 9 year old son are going to be brother and sister. Best of all I'm getting going to have the best husband in the entire world.

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