Table Numbers for Guests Tables

Table numbers are used to identify individual guest tables during a banquet or wedding reception.

Traditionally a piece of white card stock with bold type numbers were used to identify each table from 1 through 12 or however many tables are used at the event.

Even though you might be offered the use of these types of numbers for free at your reception facility you may want to supply your own unique way to identify each table.

Numbering Ideas

Numbers in centerpieces. You can make the numbers a part of the centerpieces.

You can get really nice scroll table numbers and decorate them with flowers to make them the centerpieces.

If you are having candles as a part of the centerpieces you could have the numbers imprinted on the candles.

Another idea would be to have the vases that contain your floral centerpieces etched with the numbers for each table.

Photos with numbers. You can really personalize the numbers by having pictures taken of the happy couple wearing colors that match the wedding color scheme.

Using a program like photo shop or even one as simple as MS Paint, you can put white numbers on top of the photos (you could also use black numbers, use any color that will show prominently on top of the picture).

It's nice to have a different pose for each table. Your guests will want to go from table to table viewing the different photos (they make great conversation pieces).

The photo idea could also be used to incorporate your theme into the reception.

For a fairytale theme you could have fairytale related pictures like scenes from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.

Identifying Tables Without Numbers

Instead of using numerals to define each table you could use different words or phrases.

A nice idea is to have each table be a famous couple like Adam & Eve, Romeo & Juliet, and Mickey & Minnie.

Or you could use words related to love and marriage like Romance, Happiness, and Cherish for your guest tables.

Whatever you decide to use to identify your tables, make sure that the numbers or words for the tables are put on the escort cards so that each guest knows at which table he or she should sit.

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