True love is meant to be

by Shalana Robertson
(St. Martinville, La)

Me And my fiance Derrick hooked up when i was 12 and we dated for a short period of time until I got pregnant and dropped out of school. I told him the baby wasn't his so that he could finish school and pursue his dreams as a professional football player.

We stopped dating each other and I started going back to school to finish my education. In 2002 we hooked up again an I got pregnant with our second child that's when I told him about the first one being his.

In 2008 he proposed to me, after all those years I didn't think it would of happen. But when two people love each other there's no obstacle you can't over come.

Our wedding is set for November 14, 2009 at 2:00 p.m, Notre Dame Catholic in St. Martinville, Louisiana. That's my story

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