by Sarah Byng
(Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada)

Kevin, William and Myself

Kevin, William and Myself

My name is Sarah Byng, my fiance's name is Kevin Coles, and this is our story. We met through a mutual friend about 4 years ago now, and we both knew it was love at first site. Although it was about 2 years before we actually started a relationship.

About a month after we actually started a relationship we went for a trip to his home town. I met his parents for the first time and he took me around to show me all the different sites of Fogo Island, Newfoundland, except one.

Brimstone Head he left out that day and I couldn't figure out why, so I asked him why he would leave out something that brought people from all over the world. For those of you who are not familiar with Fogo Island or Brimstone Head, it was once considered one of the four corners of the world (back when they thought the world was flat). He simply replied that "The view is so much better at night".

So that night we headed up the endless man made steps to the top of Brimstone Head and he told me to look out over Fogo Harbor. The view was absolutely spectacular, it looked like it was lifted right off of a movie screen. The way the lights reflected off the water in the harbor, and the way that the town just seemed so still, I felt like something big was about to happen and I was right. Oh boy was I right.

Kevin wrapped his arms around me and said how he was happy that I loved the view and then he released his arms from around me and got down on one knee and slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen (Well to me anyway, then again every new fiance thinks that their ring is the best in the world) and he asked me to marry him right there on the top of Brimstone Head.

I started to cry, I was in that big of a shock that I couldn't even say yes... all I could do is nod my head yes. After I was able to say yes, we went back to tell Kevin's parents. Today we are happily planning the wedding and have a beautiful 8 month old son named William. Well that's our story of our engagement and where we are today.

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