...We Were Always Meant To Be

by Yahaira

One summer day 5yrs ago,I stopped my car only for my now fiance to approach me and introduce me to her friend (who I went out with for a year and a half).

All along we liked each other but never said anything; sometimes silence says more than words. Time passed and that relationship with her friend had came to an end.

After being split up for a while and not seeing my soon-to-be wife, Karina for years, somehow through a social network we all know by facebook we got in touch again and she came to my house.

When I saw her get out of the car, honeslty I saw an angel. Her smile, her eyes just made every pain, every tear, everything I went through was totally worth it and we started again as friends.

I always knew she liked me, but she never noticed that I felt the same way too. So we started going out and living together to only come and realize that we are so alike. I wish to spend the rest of my life this happy . . . can't wait to say Karina Ramos is now my wife.

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