Wedding Cake Photos
Help You Get Creative

Looking at wedding cake photos can help to spark your imagination and give you a base for designing your own cake.

The following cake pictures are some of the most beautiful and unique photos that I could find.

There are so many different types of cakes that you could choose for your wedding reception. 

If you don't want to go the traditional route you can always do decorative cupcakes or some miniature cakes.

But if you are looking for an actual wedding cake there are a couple of different things you can do to make yours special.

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Traditional Wedding Cake Photos

This wedding cake is traditional with elegant but simple fondant draping and sugar flower accents.

A simple white wedding cake with round tiers is the obvious choice for most couples because it is usually less pricey than more complex designs.

But you may find that another shape or color might compliment your wedding theme a little better.

A pink square wedding cake is a lot less traditional than the previous cake but it would fit great with a pink themed wedding.

I really like the sculpted bow on the top of the cake that flows down the sides of the cake.

This wedding cake would work great for a daring bride who has decided to wear a pink wedding dress or even a white dress with a pink sash.

Cakes these days come in any color imaginable, (depending on your chosen cake designer) so be creative.

Smash It Up!

Now chocolate is a favorite for many grooms (my hubby included), so if you want to try something different, you could decide to have a chocolate cake. 

You could also compromise by having a couple of chocolate tiers with white icing and have the remaining tiers be a different flavor.

You could even have chocolate icing that is white or another color of your choosing.

A chocolate cake is also a great choice for a groom's cake if you are deciding to have one.

Recently while I was watching "Four Weddings Canada" on TLC they showed what I thought was a bride and groom getting ready to cut their chocolate wedding cake.

Instead they took a mallet and began to smash up the cake. The cake was not a cake after all it was chocolate candy.

Imagine one of those hollow chocolate bunnies that you get in an Easter basket and that's what this cake was.

It looked like a cake covered in smooth chocolate fondant but it was what I believe they called a Chocolate Hollow Smash Cake.

Very interesting and something that most of your guests have probably never seen before.

More Inspiring Wedding Cake Photos

Years ago in the 1980's and the 1990's there were a lot of bakeries that used cake separators instead of the current stacking of cake tiers.

I remember seeing one wedding cake with white icing and bright red flowers all over.

It had three tiers in the middle with separators and then it had bridges on the left and on the right that connected with singles cakes.

On one bridge were bridesmaids figurines and on the other bridge were groomsmen figurines with the bride and groom figurines on top of the middle stack on cakes.

And if that weren't enough there was a little working water fountain in front of the cakes with red colored water spouting out of it, geez.

Yes, it was gaudy but that kind of cake was actually quite common. I think that the cake pictured here is a rather nice way to use cake separators.

The separators do their job but the focal point of this beautiful cake are the pink edible flowers that adorn the top of each cake tier.

A Cake That Wows

When we got our wedding cake in 2002 bakeries had started doing stacked tiered cakes.

Our cake was rather big with about four or five stacked tiers and was surrounded by four additional individual cakes.

Now I really like wedding cake so I wanted to take a ton of it to take home (and we had 250 wedding guests).

But this wedding cake puts mine to shame. This towering and intricately decorated cake is absolutely breathtaking.

I really love all of the gold embellishments on the white icing. And all of the little details and piping are a really nice touch.

The possibilities for the type of cake that you can have for your wedding are limitless.

Depending on your cake designer, you might be able to have any kind of cake that your imagination can dream up.

There are possibly several bakeries or cake designers in your local area that can put together anything that you have in mind.

They will probably have several wedding cake photos that showcase the kind of work that they are capable of.

A simple way to find these bakeries and designers is to enter ("wedding cake" "photo gallery" city) into a search.

So if you are trying to find a creative wedding cake decorator in Boston you would enter 

"wedding cake" "photo gallery" Boston

to see the kind of work that cake designers in your area can do.

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