Wedding Cake Serving Set

A wedding cake serving set is one of several accessories that you have to get for your wedding reception.

 O.K. Your server set is not an absolute necessity

but . . . it's one of those small items that you might like to keep to remember your special day.

Not every set is the same, so you should pick something that fits your personality or theme. And don't forget to get your set personalized with at least your names or a monogram.

Even After Your Wedding

When we got married I got all of the relevant reception accessories. I guess that I'm somewhat of a sentimental person but it's so nice to have a memento of your special day.

You see . . . on my first wedding anniversary, my husband and I stayed at Caesars Pocono Palace in the Pocono's of Pennsylvania (you know the place with the champagne glass whirlpool). It was really nice.

But what was really great was that we brought all of our reception accessories with us to celebrate our first anniversary.

We had the top layer of our cake that we had frozen in a cake and memories box in our freezer for the past year.

We put our cake topper on top and cut our cake with our server set.

We even had a toast (using our toasting goblets) of sparkling cider with our cake by the fireplace in our room. It was really nice to have all of those things.

I still have all of those accessories and keep them in the cake box that once stored the top tier of our wedding cake.

So the accessories that you buy for your wedding day are special and are great to keep if you're a sentimental person like me.

Once I get my china cabinet in my dining room I'll display my wedding cake serving set inside along with the favors from my proms and college dances (yes I still have those things).

Take the time to get those all important accessories.

Wedding Cake Serving Set Options

Picking out your knife and server is a fairly simple decision since all sets come with a knife and a server.

You just need to decide if you want

  • celebrity inspired set like Vera Wang or David Tutera
  • a brand name like Wedgwood or Lenox
  • just a basic economical set

Whatever you decide, remember to use it to cake the top tier of your cake on your first wedding anniversary.

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