Wedding Color Combinations

The number of wedding color combinations that you can come up with are endless. Just go to the paint section of your local Home Depot or Lowes and you'll find hundreds of colors that you can use for your wedding color scheme. The colors that you decide to use will probably be incorporated into most of the elements that people will see before and through out your special day.

When determining which wedding color combinations you will use for your wedding and reception, there are several different ways to brainstorm and make your final choice.


  • your favorite color
  • a color that compliments the ceremony location
  • that will look beautiful on your bridesmaids
  • colors that enhance the look of the reception room
  • the color of your favorite flower
  • a color traditionally appropriate for the season in which you are getting married

Traditionally light or airy colors are used for spring and summer weddings. Colors like:






Now I keep using the word "traditionally" because it's what most people tend to do but it's not what you need to adhere to.

I wanted my bridesmaids to wear black (yes black) because I really love the color. But I was told that I needed to use a lighter color because I was getting married in June so I picked the color periwinkle.

It's a nice enough color but I didn't necessarily like the color there just seemed to be a lot of bridesmaids dresses available in periwinkle so I went with it.

I really regret not doing what would have made me happy. Thinking about it now I probably would have done a black and white wedding with pink accents.

My bridesmaids could have worn black dresses with pink sashes, that would have fit my personality a little bit better.

So don't feel like you must choose wedding color combinations based on what has traditionally been done.

Having said that, traditionally darker or warm colors are used for autumn and winter weddings. Colors like:


Olive Green

Burnt Orange

Navy Blue


These warm colors can also be used during a formal evening wedding anytime of the year.

You can just have one main color or you can use an accent color like black, white,
silver or gold to go along with that color.

Some people even decide that they would like to use an accent color as the color that they primarily use for their wedding.

Another idea is to use two colors with or without an accent color so I have put together a few combinations to give you an idea of what you can do.

Black and White

Blue and Green

Blue and Gold

Black and White
and Pink

Silver and Black

Lavender and Yellow

Pink and Green

Pink and Brown

Burnt Orange
and Gold

Black and White and Red

The green and blue combination shows an example of how two colors that are close together on a color wheel can be used in your wedding color scheme.

While the lavender and yellow gives an idea of how two opposite colors can be used together.

The possibilities are endless when you decide to become creative in putting together different colors for your special day.

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