Wedding Dances For Your Reception

There are several types of wedding dances that are done at wedding receptions these days.

I remember watching a movie where there was a money dance where guests get a chance to dance with the bride and then pin money to her wedding gown, quite lucrative.

Here are some ideas of the types of dances you could do during your reception and when you would do them.

The first wedding dance of the evening is usually the bride and groom's first dance.

I have seen several couples first dances where the bride and groom start off doing a traditional swaying back and forth to a slow song dance.

Then some how their dance gets interrupted and the couple then breaks out into a fast and funky hip hop dance.

I actually think that it's really nice and more memorable if the first dance for the bride and groom is something romantic and intimate.

If you really want to do something a little more non-traditional you could have a fun dance that involves the members of the bridal party as they are introduced into
the wedding reception.

The first bridesmaid and groomsman that are introduced and enters the reception room should start a dance that each additional pair joins as they are also introduced and enter the room.

By the time that the bride and groom and introduced there is a full blown dance going on that the bride and groom can join briefly before they start their first dance.

The first dance for the bride and groom can still be more than just a boring sway (which my husband and I did but it was still very memorable).

You could do a tango or salsa or rumba, whatever you do should be enjoyable for the two of you and something that you won't forget.

Later in the evening other dances you could have are

  • the father and daughter dance
  • the mother and son dance
  • parents of the bride groom dances
  • a cultural dance performance

When everyone is basically done with dinner you could have several of your guest involved in a flash mob.

One by one the guest would stand where they are and start a choreographed dance
that spreads to the dance floor.

Once that dance is finished they could get the party started with some line dances so that all of your other guests get up and onto the dance floor.

Some common dances to get everyone involved in are

  • the Chicken dance
  • the Electric slide
  • the Macarena    
  • the Cupid shuffle
  • the Cha cha slide
  • the Wobble

I have seen some really fun and unique wedding dances that people have come up with on Youtube. You should check out some of the videos that other people have posted there. Watching what other people have done could help you come up with ideas of your own.

Find some songs for wedding dances