Wedding Money Tree:
Should You Have One?

Having a wedding money tree may seem like a great thing to have at your wedding reception, but honestly it goes against wedding etiquette.

But . . . your wedding day is exactly that, "yours". Even though I believe that you should try to stick as close as possible to what is "proper", I also understand how tough it can be to pay for your own wedding and reception.

You really are not supposed to directly request money as a gift from your guests but you can spread the word through parents and close friends that you are saving for a new home (or any other project for which you need money).

There is an actual registry that you could use that allows cash gifts to be added as something that you would like as a wedding gift.

Just like with any gift registry this one allows you to ask for silverware, linens, pots and pans.

There also happens to be a spot for cash gifts for things like your honeymoon, car repairs or even a new home.

Is it appropriate . . . ? Well, I guess you can look at it as if you included gifts cards to your Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn gift registry.

Learn more about cash on gift registries if that is something that you might be considering.

Make a Wedding Money Tree

If you still really want to have a money tree for your wedding reception then you could make one yourself.

A simple and inexpensive way to make a money tree is to go out and collect tree branches that have fallen off of trees.

Soak the branches and clean them well so that there are no insects and then allow them to dry.

Once dry, spray the branches with spray adhesive and cover with silver glitter or light weight crystals so that the branches sparkle.

Get a large flower pot and either paint it or cover it with nice wrapping paper and tie a bow around it.

Fill the pot with floral foam and arrange the branches in the pot so that they look like a tree.

Tie small pieces of metallic string around the branches in different places so that wedding guests can tie money to the tree.

Get the Money Growing

Have the tree set up on a table in a prominent spot in the room of your wedding reception.

Place a decorative photo frame in front of the tree with a nicely printed sign in it that says something like "Money Grows on Trees" with the Bride and Grooms names and wedding date.

Ask some very close family members to randomly through out the wedding reception walk up to the tree and tie some money to it to get the ball rolling.

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