Wedding reception a year later

by Joe
(Charlotte, NC)

My wife and I were married last year in Bolivia. She is from Bolivia and I am from the US. We got married there and lived there for 10 months. Unfortunately, none of my family and friends were able to attend since it was in another country.

So now it is a year later, and we are back in the US. We are planning a reception and small "ring blessing" ceremony where we will re-state our vows. We were wondering if it is appropriate to have a gift list? Since it is not actually a wedding, and really a bit more than a reception, what is the appropriate etiquette? How are we supposed to let people know where we are registered? Should we get registered?

Any advice would be appreciated.

It's totally fine to set up a registry just like you would for any wedding. You can include information about your registry with the invitation.

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