Wedding Reception Centerpieces

There are a variety of simple but beautiful wedding reception centerpieces that you can make for your own wedding at a fraction of what a professional would charge.

It can actually also be quite easy to do yourself (or even have friends to help). And since you would be making these yourself, you could give them to your guests to take home possibly as prizes if you plan to have any games during your reception.

The most common centerpieces for use at a wedding reception are made with flowers.

I used silk flowers for the centerpieces at my reception. I have included a quick "how to" at the bottom of this page.

If you are like most people and would like to have real floral centerpieces then there are ways to get inexpensive wedding flowers so that you can create them yourself.

When I have needed beautiful flowers for special occasions and to make bouquets, I go to places like Produce Junction. I bought beautiful but inexpensive roses there when I did a wedding in the Philadelphia area

You can also get wholesale flowers from BJ's Club or other wholesale membership stores like Costco which also has a wide variety of bulk wedding flowers.

Another type of flower that you could use are Sola flowers which are very inexpensive, beautiful and different.

You could put together a centerpiece that includes any combination of candles, fruit and flowers.

Little details like a ribbon sash or a band of rhinestones around your candles or floral container can really make your reception table look even more beautiful. A
great place to find vases, rhinestone bands and even sola flowers is Save on Crafts.

I am going to show you a quick and simple way to make a silk floral arrangement that
you can use for your own wedding reception.

I have done these types of wedding reception centerpieces for my own wedding reception as well as for my grandparents' anniversary celebration.

I used silk roses but you could do the same process to create an arrangement with other silk flowers.

For example you could use silk gerbera daisies which are fuller so would require less silks in order to complete your arrangement.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide.

First you need a decorative floral container. This one is plastic but looks very nice.

Then you'll need a Styrofoam ball that fits snuggly into the container. You can use glue to keep it in place.

Here I have chosen three silk flowers. The first has a tinge of pink on the petals. The second one has more open petals. The third is like the first flower but completely white.

You can choose to use flowers that compliment your color scheme and linens.

Start with one flower at a time and place the flowers in the Styrofoam equally. Then add the second flower and fill in the ball a little more.

Use the third flower to fill in all of the bald spots. Try to push the flowers in so that they create a dome.

This centerpiece only cost me about $7-$8 and 5 minutes to make. You should look online and on our supplies page for places that sell discount floral supplies for your wedding centerpieces.

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