Wedding Reception Decor

The wedding reception decor is what creates the overall look of your celebration. There are several things that go into the decor of a reception.

Take a look at each element and get ideas of how to make the look and feel of your reception unique and wonderful.

First you need to find a venue because the actual location of your reception has a huge impact on how you can decorate your reception.

The hall or room that you use for your reception may in itself be a decorative point for your party. It could also limit what you can do in terms of decorating.

If you are renting out a "bare bones" hall where you are providing the food yourself then here are some tips on how to make your space beautiful.

Decorating A Full Service Banquet Venue

A full service banquet venue is a place that provides the catering (food) for your event as well as the table, chairs and basic linens for your event.

These places are usually nice enough that you really don't need to add any additional wedding reception decor for your celebration.

But there are several things that you may want to pay extra for that will add to the ambiance of the venue.

For example the basic linen package offered by most venues includes short to mid length white or cream table linens with your choice of linen napkin color.

If a premium package is offered then you could get floor length table linens with a patterned overlay.

Having floor length linens hides the table legs and the legs of your wedding guests as they are sitting at the tables.

The overlays add a more elegant look to your guest tables and the room.

Once you have chosen your reception location, a decision about the theme and/or a color scheme needs to be made because all of the elements and little details that you will be picking out will revolve around your theme or colors.

The theme and color scheme will influence not only reception details like the wedding cake and centerpieces but it will also effect what you pick for bridesmaids dresses, invitations and flowers.

Make It Personal

Personalization can make your day really special. From monogrammed cake toppers to etched champagne flutes, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Almost anything that you would want to use for your wedding reception can be personalized in some way.

Many couples are indulging in the trend in having their name in lights on a wall in the banquet room or even on the dance floor.

Using different lighting effects or ice features are just some of the many ways that the decor can make your day really special.

Be creative and add some do-it-yourself wedding reception decor.