DIY Wedding Reception Decorating

If you are thinking about doing your wedding reception decorating yourself then you are not alone. There are so many people who are deciding to do several of their wedding reception elements themselves. I am going to share some ideas of things that you can do yourself to put your own personal mark on your reception.

I remember a time when streamers and tissue paper wedding bells that you hand up and unfold were used to decorate a hall but most couples want a more elegant look.

If you are having your reception at a modern updated facility then you really only need to come up with nice linens and centerpieces for your reception tables.

But let's say that you are having your reception in a church basement or community center with wood paneling on the walls and metal folding chairs then you might have
a little more wedding reception decorating to do.

If you have wood paneling or really bad looking walls at your wedding reception then you really should think about covering the walls.

The hotel where we had our reception used some lattice frames with pieces of tulle and silk flowers hanging from them to make the room look nicer.

It didn't help, in fact it added just a hint of tacky to our wedding reception. Truthfully the walls were just fine with nothing on them.

There are several websites that sell inexpensive fabric by the bolt or by the yard.

Try to get material that you can not see through so that you can possibly use some
up-lighting to add even more elegance to the room.

Once you have the material you could try hanging it like you would a window curtain, you just have to be a little creative in how you do it.

Most rental halls do not allow you to use any decorations that could damage the walls.

So maybe you could use some of those Command brand hooks that stick to the walls without damaging them and then are easily removed.

Get some dark colored twine or twine that matches the fabric that you are using for hanging the fabric.

Try to find a friend that can sew a pocket at the top of the fabric to thread the twine through so that you can hang the fabric on the hooks.

Which ever way you decide to hang the fabric, make sure that you do a trial run weeks before the reception so that you aren't caught off guard at the last minute with an idea that won't work.

If you are using a rental facility that only has metal folding chairs then you should really get some nice chairs from a rental company.

Folding chairs could be covered but they will be uncomfortable for your guests and noisy when they are moved around.

You can really save a lot of money by doing the wedding reception decorating on your own or with the help of close friends and family.

You can do things like make your own centerpieces or even baking the wedding cake.

The Do It Yourself Weddings Guide is a great website that offers tips and instructions on how to do crafts and projects for your wedding and reception yourself.

You should also take a look at the list of sites that provide a wide range of wedding reception supplies to help you put together your own event.

I hope that these resources help you create some of your own unique elements or at least give you some ideas of how you can make your own creations.

But if your not really crafty, or if you're worried that it will be too much for to do the wedding reception decorating yourself, then you might want to hire a wedding
planner or event designer to help you out.