Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Coming up with beautiful and inexpensive wedding reception decoration ideas will be fairly easy when you take a look at these examples.

The photo above shows what a simple tablescape can look like.

You can use various sizes of pillar and votive candles along with large and small vases with flower arrangements.

The arrangements don't have to be very extravagant, just a few or even one flower per container will do.

You can even wrap satin ribbon around the candles to add more color.

You could also decide to spread floral gems and/or rose petals on the table around the candles and vases.

One of the most unique and affordable wedding reception decoration ideas is to have a glass vase, with a color-coordinated fish swimming inside of it, on each guest table. (click the photo for a closer view)

You could have floating candles at the top of the vase and glass gems on the bottom of the vase.

Or instead of using glass gems and floating candles you can decide to have glowing ice cubes at the bottom of the vase, which will add light to the centerpiece.

Another option would be to have small glass containers with fish that you can give out to your guests as favors to take home.


You can come up with several wedding reception decoration ideas using tulle. Tulle is probably the cheapest and most versatile material you can use for decorating your wedding and reception.

I think that chivari chairs are really beautiful and chair covers with sashes can really dress up your banquet chairs.

But if you are working with a limited budget then you may want to consider tying tulle around each reception chair.

Tulle comes in a variety of colors (like in this photo) so you can coordinate the tulle with your theme or you can use white tulle and place some flowers in the back where you tie the knot.

If your reception venue has columns, you can wrap the columns in tulle and floral garland. You can even use a wide bolt of tulle and drape it in the front of the head table.

You can use tulle for almost anything, so be creative but don't go overboard, because your decor should be beautiful and elegant not gaudy.

Creative Themes

Not everyone is looking to have the typical wedding reception in a ballroom or banquet hall.

Perhaps you want to really do something fun and have a Fairytale/Castle, Mardi gras, Nautical or one of several other Theme Parties .

You could possibly use the same kind of decorations that are used at a high school prom.

You can just use the themed backdrops and decor or you can go all out and have a prom with the bride and groom as the queen and king of the prom.

The wedding reception decoration ideas and possibilities are endless. Use the suggestions above to help you get started planning the decor for your reception.

If you don't have much of an imagination you may want to think about getting the help of an Event Designer.

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