Wedding Reception Decoration Pictures

I acquired the following stock wedding reception decoration pictures to give you a little inspiration in creating your own unique look and feel for your wedding reception.

I picked different styles of wedding venues in these pictures of wedding receptions so that I can give my personal opinion on what I think can be great about using each particular space along with some critiques when appropriate.

You can click on the different wedding reception decoration pictures to enlarge them and get a better look.

This beautiful ballroom is so ornate that it really doesn't need much decoration at all.

The chandeliers, painted ceiling and draperies in this ballroom add a sophisticated elegance to the room.

I think that the room could have used some larger centerpieces with large blooms of flowers.

In fact you barely notice the centerpieces that were used on the tables. I also think that the chair covers that were added have a weird shape.

A possible improvement to this room could have been to use more colorful linens since the white kinds washes out the room.

Decorative chair sashes and table overlays have been added to this banquet room.

I really like how they have alternated using gold and red linens on the tables instead of using just one color.

However having stripes as well as using two different colors might be just a little too much activity for the tables in my opinion.

The stripes might not have bothered me so much if they were used only on the tables instead of also being used as sashes.

This is a very simple yet elegant look. Instead of having chair covers, chiavari chairs have been used. Also the little red pillows give the room a touch of color while offering more comfort to the guests. The table might pop a little more if a nice light gold lace overlay was used instead of having an all white table.

More Wedding Reception Decoration Pictures

The first thing that I notice in this room is the fabric backdrop behind the bridal party tables.

I love how the fabric was draped but it seems to be too see-through since I see the wall behind the backdrop.

I love how the head tables and cake table are lit up. If I had to guess, I would say that clear acrylic tables where used with lighting underneath to get that effect.

The illuminated head and cake tables add a special glow to the room.

The tie back chair covers that were used lay very nicely on the padded reception chairs in the room.

I looks as if the chairs were probably nice enough to be used without the covers but the chair covers actually look really nice anyway so it doesn't hurt.

Using a tent for your reception venue is a great idea especially if you are having a garden wedding.

I think that the draping in the ceiling of the tent is beautiful and adds so much to the decor.

I also like how they light is able to shine through the tent but I don't notice any other light sources. If a tent like this was used in the evening some extra lighting would need to be brought in.

The chair covers and sashes are fairly simple which is fine but the table cloth is too short for my liking.

I really think that floor length linens always look better than shorter ones.

Hopefully you've gotten a few ideas of how you can decorate you wedding reception. You can view other wedding reception decoration pictures to come up with more ideas for your wedding reception.

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