Wedding Reception Decorations

There are so many kinds of wedding reception decorations available to make your reception beautiful and unique.

One option that you could choose is to hire either a wedding coordinator with decorating experience or an event designer.

If you are on a limited budget then you can do the decorating yourself. The following are a few ideas that you can use for your own wedding reception.

Dressing Up A Rental Hall

When you are on a budget and renting a basic hall where you are doing everything yourself, it might be hard to make the room look as nice as a full service catering and banquet facility.

One of the easiest things to do is to make the room darker. If there is a wall that is not very appealing then you can cover it with fabric.

Instead of using crepe paper for wedding reception decorations a great material to use for draping walls (and even the ceiling) is gossamer because it is easy to use and inexpensive. (The How To Decorate With Gossamer Book is a great resource for learning exactly how to create a beautiful reception space).

Once you cover the walls you can turn the lights down low or you can turn them completely off and use other lighting sources for a romantic feel in the room.

Add A Little Mood Lighting

A dark room can hide imperfections but you still need to be able to see. Using paper lanterns, sometimes referred to as Chinese lanterns, is one of the most beautiful and inexpensive wedding reception decorations that you can use for room lighting.

The lanterns are easily hung from the ceiling and can come with an LED light that has an on and off switch so there is no electrical wiring involved.

Once you have taken care of your overhead lighting then you can place candles on the tables. You can incorporate candles into the centerpieces for your tables and create a tablescape.

You can group together small jars (clean out used baby food jars) with one flower each in them with candelabra or votive candles and some rose petals for a simple but elegant centerpiece.

If you don't like open flames or are prohibited by the hall of using regular candles then use LED candles (some of them even flicker like a real candle).

Dance It Up

Most church or community halls don't have a marked dance floor. You can "kill two birds with one stone" using luminescent columns to specify the dance area while adding even more light to the room.

Place four columns in the shape of a square to identify the dance floor.

Then place a large monogram floor decal in the center of the four columns with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

It's an absolutely adorable setting for the couple's first dance.

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Now that you have set the basic look of the room you can start to get into all of the little details and wedding reception decorations that will bring your space together.