Wedding Reception Games

Having wedding reception games as a part of your reception can add an exciting twist to your wedding reception activities. You can add a lounge area to your reception space and have someone host a few board or card games that will allow your guests to have fun and interact with each other.

Specific Wedding Reception Activities

Right after the cocktail hour when guests have finally found their dinner seating is the perfect time for a game.

There are usually about 10 to 15 minutes when guests are just sitting and waiting for the bride and groom to enter the room.

Instead of sitting in silence or awkwardly trying to introduce themselves to each other, your guests can play an icebreaker.

Table Mate Trivia

Before the wedding you can find out one very interesting fact about each of your guests.

Maybe one guest has been on over 20 cruises or maybe another guest lived on a farm when she was a child.

For each table, make game sheets for each guests that has a blank next to the interesting fact. Each person at the table will fill in the blanks next to each fact with the name of someone else at the table.

Of course you should have everyone turn their place cards so that they can easily be read by everyone at the table.

The person at each table that gets the most answers correct wins a prize or gets to take home the centerpiece for that table if you are giving them away.

Playing a wedding reception game like this

  • allows your guests to do something during a time that could otherwise be silent and awkward

  • gives your guests interesting facts about their table mates to talk about during dinner

  • starts your reception off on a fun and entertaining note that will hopefully carry on through the rest of the evening.

Newly Married Wedding Reception Game

The Newly Married game is like the television show the Newly wed game. Some time after dinner but before the dancing really gets started is a good time to do this game.

You would have the bride and groom sitting back to back in chairs on the dance floor or on a stage where everyone can see them.

Have about 15 questions prepared ahead of time for the DJ or host to ask the couple.

These would be questions like "Who is the better driver?", "Who made the first move in their relationship?", "Which one is the better dancer?".

You could also allow guests to write down questions that they think will be appropriate
to ask.

The bride and groom each have some type of bride and groom figures and hold up the one that corresponds with their answer to the question.

It's fun to see how many they answer the same.

You could also ask the guests ahead of time to guess how many questions they think the bride and/or groom will get correct and give out prizes to the guests with the closest guess.

Make sure that the game doesn't last too long so that the guests don't get bored.

A more formal addition to your wedding reception would be to have a casino party.

You could get a black jack table rental from a casino equipment rental company.

These companies usually also rent out roulette, craps, and poker tables along with dealers that may show your guests how to play these games.

Your guests could just play for chips instead of cash so that the games remain friendly and no one goes home regretting being a part of your celebration festivities.

Having games during your reception can really keep the party going if you want your guests to continue your wedding celebration long after the dancing has stopped.

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