Wedding Reception Photos

I have acquired some wedding reception photos to give you an idea of some different things that you can do for your wedding reception.

One thing that you will need to think about is how you are going to set up the room for your reception.

I have put together a few different simple floor plans that you could possibly use.

These couple of photos made me think about where you could have your bridal party to sit during the reception.

For years there would be one long table at the front of the room with the couple in the center and the rest of the bridal party seated on either side.

This set up is completely fine, it's actually how I had my head table set up for my wedding reception.

But you might  want to do things a little differently for your celebration.

You can click on each of the wedding reception photos below to get a better look at the different set ups.

This photo has a simple variation of the long head table by making two rows of tables instead of one.

It still has all of the bridal party seated together but the two rows take up less space which is great for a smaller room.

For this configuration it would probably be better for the bride and groom to sit in the first row behind the cake for the sake of pictures.

If you wanted to do two rows then you would want to make sure that each row is on risers so that you could see everyone's faces.

Here is a sweetheart table for the couple surrounded by a few small tables at which the bridal party would be seated.

This is a great idea if you have a small bridal party or if you are only having the couple and their parents seated in the front.

This idea may not look right if you have more than six of these tables clustered together.

You could forego the head table completely and sit with your guests at long tables instead of round ones.

I personally think that having a few long tables where everyone is seated together feels more inclusive.

You get to interact with more people than you if you were seated at several  round tables.

This options also makes it easier to seat single guests so that they don't feel so alone if you are not having to option of allowing them a "plus one".

You could even decide to serve the food family style where large portions are placed on the tables.

Each person would then dish out their food from the large serving platters onto their own plates.

It's an option that is similar to a buffet without having to stand up and walk around with a plate full of food.

Those were just a few pictures that can give you ideas on head table arrangements.

Take a look at these wedding reception photos for some ideas on how you can decorate your wedding reception space.